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Rules and policies

Rules and Policies

Rules and policies are in place to make sure your child remains safe and well at school.

School Rules

As well as following the department's operational policies, we have developed frameworks for our students in line with out school's values and commitments. 

Our school uses the department's School Community Charter to ensure all of our communication is collaborative and respectful.

Visit the NSW Department of Education’s policy library for all current operational policies.

School values

All decisions at Oyster Bay Public School are underpinned by the school's core values of Respect, Responsibility and Resilience. 

Attendance and absences

Students must attend school regularly so they can achieve their educational best and increase their career and life options.

In NSW, all children from the age of 6 are legally required to attend school or be registered for home schooling through the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA). All students must complete Year 10, or its equivalent and remain in school, employment or training until they turn 17.

For more information about compulsory school attendance, visit: